Sinnington Hunt Photos (1950’s)

The Sinnington Hunt dates back to the late 1600’s when the Duke of Buckingham was the master.

The fox hunting meets at Wether Cote Farm, Skiplam, North Yorkshire were joint meets with the Sinnington, Bilsdale, Goathland and Farndale Hunts. They usually took place on Boxing Day, when it became a real social occasion and gathering of locals.

The hunt meets were hosted by Mr.J.E.Teasdale and Sons, Wether Cote Farm, Skiplam, near Helmsley, North Yorkshire.

SINNINGTON HUNT PHOTOS FROM THE 1950’s plus a few more from other hunts.

This photo was taken at Wether Cote Farm, Skiplam during the annual meet in 1952. I think the lady on the White Horse is Lady Feversham. Notice that she is riding side saddle. Lady Clarissa Colin is on the Dappled Mare.
  Lady Clarissa Colin on dappled mare at Sinnington Hunt Meet at Skiplam

Lady Feversham on the left. Colonel Slingsby in the middle. On the right (Possibly Earl Halifax) ???
 Sinnington Hunt meet at Skiplam North Yorkshire Lady Feversham Colonel Slingsby

The big man in the photo is Billy Wilson but everyone knew him as ‘Caffalie’. I’m not sure if that is spelt right but he was quite a character in his time. He was the official Terrier Man for Sinnington Hunt and he was the driver for Lord Feversham. William (Billy) Beecroft in the dark suit.
 Billy Wilson and William Beecroft with white horse at Skiplam

Nobody starved at these hunt meets. Jam Tarts must have been popular in those days! Notice the ‘pet’ fox on the boys lap (Billy Wilson’s son) in the middle of the photo. Billy Wilson is stood over his son.
Olga Aconley, then Teasdale seated on the right. Her mother, Minnie Teasdale, is the lady with the tea pot. Her sister, Mary Waind is the lady in the flower apron & Mrs.Wildsmith is wearing glasses. Mr.Hobson from Batley is the man on the right. Mrs.Hobson is sat in front of him.
The Teasdale family tradition for baking has been passed down the generations and used to great effect at ‘Auntie Anne’s’ bakery in Helmsley – If you fancy a Jam Tart? – Head there!
 Jam tarts and tea at Wethercote Farm Skiplam hunt meet

This is Norman Teasdale driving the horse and trap down Skiplam road in 1956. I believe that the road had to be dug out manually in those days. The Teasdale family were often stranded for quite a while after heavy snow at Wether Cote farm. A year after this photo was taken, Norman sadly died of a brain tumour.
 Norman Teasdale driving horse and cart in winter conditions at Skiplam

The horses and hounds are coming away from the hunt meet at Wether Cote farm. The cars parked on the right belong to hunt followers.
Followers of Sinnington Hunt leaving Skiplam near Helmsley North Yorkshire

Lady Feversham riding side saddle.
  Lady Feversham riding side saddle at Skiplam - Sinnington Hunt meet  

This is J.E.Teasdale, in the trilby hat, chatting to Lady Feversham. Lady Clarissa (Collins) to the right of Lady Feversham.
Lady Feversham chatting to J E Teasdale at Skiplam hunt meet

A lady called Audrey Petch is to the right, at the front of this magnificent Rolls Royce vehicle.
  Rolls Royce car at Sinnington Hunt meet - Skiplam, near Helmsley

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Outside the back door at Wether Cote Farm, Skiplam. One of the Skilbeck twins is the bald man with the long raincoat (On the left of the photo). They were nicknamed Twinny and Bonzo. His daughter is on his left (Our right).
  Back door of Wether Cote Farm, Skiplam during Sinnington hunt meet

These are some of the followers of the hunt. This photo is overlooking Sleightholme Dale from the moor top at Skiplam. Third from the right, George Thompson, with son James Thompson with him.
The young girls (tartan hats) in the middle of the photo are Pat & Anne Teasdale. Anne (now Anne Barnes) was featured on the television show ‘River Cottage with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’. She was showing the nation how to make Yorkshire Curd Tart. She now runs the Castlegate Bakery (Auntie Anne’s) in Helmsley and recently won the Yorkshire Region Heats on the TV show ‘Britains Best Bakery’.
  Hunt followers at Skiplam near Helmsley - Overlooking Sleigholmedale

This is Sleightholme Dale back in the 1950’s. Cherry Tree Farm is at the bottom right.
   Photo of Sleightholme Dale in the 1950's - Cherry Tree Farm

I believe this photo was taken at Nawton Towers, near Helmsley. This was the home of Lord and Lady Feversham.
  Foxhounds at Nawton Towers near Helmsley - Home of Lord and Lady Feversham

Lady Feversham again (white horse) at Wether Cote Farm, Skiplam.
Lady Feversham amongt the hunt followers at Sinnington Hunt Meet - Skiplam
Lady Feversham talking to huntsmen at Sinnington hunt meet - Skiplam

That is a magnificent looking horse! The chap riding the horse is Major Weeks.
The man on the left, with the trilby hat, was called Jack Scobey from the nearby village of Pockley. He was a very keen follower of the Sinnington Hunt. (Many thanks to Jack Scobey’s nephew). The Post Man (at the rear of the horse) was called Mr.Nuttall.
 Major Weeks riding a white horse at Skiplam hunt meet during 1950's

Lady Clarissa (Collins) (on the left) chatting at the meet. Colonel Slingsby in the middle.
 Lady Clarissa Collins talking at Sinnington hunt meet - Skiplam

The man to the left of the dapple grey horse, with the bald head and long raincoat, is believed to be one of the Skilbeck twins. They were nicknamed Twinny and Bonzo.
  Followers of the Sinnington Hunt at Wether Cote farm Skiplam

I believe the hounds are in the front garden at Wether Cote Farm, Skiplam.

Horse and hounds in garden at Wether Cote Farm Skiplam near Helmsley

This photo was taken in 1951 at Sinnington village, near Pickering. I believe the Master Huntsman was called Charlie Adcock. Lady Feversham is on the white horse.
 Horses and hounds leaving Sinnington village after hunt meet

The Master is taking his hounds from the Boxing Day meet at Wether Cote Farm.
  Horse and hounds leaving the Boxing Day meet at Skiplam in 1950's

This has nothing to do with the hunt but farming fans might enjoy this photo of the immaculate straw stacks at Wether Cote, Skiplam farm yard. You will not see many of these nowadays.
 Photo of straw stacks at Wether Cote Farm Skiplam near Helmsley North Yorkshire