Cropton High Street Tractor Rescue
Saturday 19th March 2011

It is the time of year to spread fertilizer on the land, but whilst doing this job a local farmer conked out in the village high street. His tractor unfortunately had a flat battery.

tractor broken down in cropton village high street

Ever helpful our villagers came to the rescue. Before you knew it a tractor was assembled to tow the tractor and pulling chains came from all directions.

tractor rescue in cropton

cropton tractor rescue

The first chain used to tow the tractor broke but luckily there were more chains on hand.

tractor breakdown cropton village 

tractor breakdown at cropton village

As news spread more tractors and helpers appeared on the scene. By that time the tractor had successfully been re-started.

high street tractor breakdown in cropton

It was then time to catch up on some local news.

cropton tractor rescue farmers chatting

Many thanks to Sue Coombes from the Cropton Heritage Group for these photos.