Cropton School Educational Trust

The Cropton School Educational Trust dates back to the early 1700’s when a local man left some land for the benefit of the education of the children of Cropton village. Rental from this land helped to finance a teacher for the children. The teacher lived in a house that was very close to the school. The village had a school until 1959 but financial reasons forced its closure.
The house and school became derelict so the trustees decided to sell the property and invest the proceeds towards the education of the children and young people of the parish. It was renamed the Cropton School Educational Trust.
The aim of the Cropton School Educational Trust is to provide financial assistance for the education of all young people, under 25 years of age, that reside in the parish of Cropton and Cawthorne, North Yorkshire.


The Cropton Educational Trust is a long standing charitable fund established to promote the education of people under 25 who are resident in Cropton with Cawthorne. It is administered by trustees who are all Cropton residents.

We are looking for applications for cash grants relating to the educational needs of local young people to be awarded this summer. If you are interested in making an application, whether as a young person or on behalf of a young person, simply write to the trustees outlining the educational purpose you have in mind and giving such other details as you think will be of relevance to the trustees’ consideration of your application. Any broad educational purpose could qualify for a grant including, for example, purchasing school uniform, school trips or towards university or college fees. The key qualifying criteria are that the beneficiary is under 25 and is living in Cropton. No particular format is required but if you would like informal guidance before making an application please contact the trustees as shown below.

The deadline for applications this year is 20 June 2017 and decisions will be made by the end of June.

Please send your applications by mail or email to:

Tony Warnock-Smith
Secretary Cropton Educational Trust
Hardey House
YO18 8HL.

Telephone: 01751 411903.