Cropton Folk 2 – Photos of the locals

Tim Senior is a well known around Cropton for driving his vintage steam cars. Give him a wave if you see or hear him coming along the road. On this photo I’m not sure whether he is starting or stopping but there is certainly plenty of steam.
tim senior with vintage car cropton
(Photo Courtesy of Cropton Heritage Group)

The photo below is a bit of a mystery to its owner, Barbara Aconley. The ‘event’ is taking place in the Cropton village hall and it looks like a celebration of some sort. Some of the names are known.
From the front right,Fred Botham, Mary Botham, Elsie Mortimer, Harold Mortimer, Lily Ward, Fred Ward then ???
From the back right hand wall, Robert Aconley, Olga Aconley, Harry Aconley then ???
If you know any names or what these people are celebrating?
please e-mail:
mell supper photo cropton village hall
(Photo Courtesy of Barbara Aconley)

Back in 1998 there was a Centenary Celebration of the Cropton Village Hall. There was a party in the hall where a posy was presented by the then youngest resident, Laura Barnes, to the then oldest resident, Doris Gill.
In the background is, left to right Olga, Aconley, Doreen Roberts and Nora Walker. The Village Hall Chairman at that time, on the right, was Lesley Temple. Mum, Samantha Barnes is kneeling at the front.
Laura is now a teenager and recently has had the honour of a lovely 5 Star Holiday Cottage being named after her. Laura’s Cottage is a superb top quality self catering cottage that is situated on the outskirts of Cropton. View Laura’s Cottage.
centenary celebrations cropton village hall 1998