Cropton Traffic Accidents

The village welcomes careful drivers but sometimes there are accidents. The first two photos are of a tractor accident in the Back Lane at Cropton. The tractor was pulled out by a local farmer, Harry Aconley, with the help of a few bystanders. The old Ferguson Tractor belonged to a local farmer called John Peirson from Sycamore Farm, Cropton.

To the left of the top photo is the old Cropton cricket pavilion and you can see the New Inn pub in the distance. The man on the right, with the dog, is Horace Ford. Second right is George Boocock from Home Farm, Cropton.
traffic accidents in cropton tractor
(Photo – Cropton Heritage Group)
You can see Quarry Cottage, Cropton in the background on the second photo. The man on the left tractor was a local farmer, John Peirson. The man on the right tractor was Harry Aconley. With his arm out, on the right, is Horace Ford. The man in the boater is another local farmer, Daniel Feaster.
The two young lads, on the left and right of the photo, are the Peirson brothers. On the left, Bryan, and on the right Ken. We do not yet know the name of the lad in the cap.
If you look very closely, just to the right of the tractor, you will see a young girl looking over the fence. She lived at Quarry Cottage and was called Jean Hall. She was well known locally as “Queenie”.
tractor accident in cropton
(Photo – Cropton Heritage Group)

Amazingly no one was injured in this car crash in May 2004. The people in the white car were unscathed and just crawled out of the broken windows of the car. The red car was barely scratched and needed just a £100 worth of repairs.
motor car accident in cropton 2004
(Photo – Cropton Heritage Group)
car crash in cropton village 2004