Old Cropton Photos 5

Back in 1937 the school children of Cropton performed the operetta ‘Zurika’. There must have been a lot of work with the costumes.
cropton children performing opera zurika around 1937
(Photo – Courtesy David Hodgson)
Many thanks to ex-Cropton resident Robert (Robbie) Johnson for the names on these photos. Robbie lived in Cropton at the Old Watchmaker’s Cottage before moving to Keldy Castle with his father. In the 1950’s Robbie moved permanently to Australia. We are very grateful for his input with the names.
names of children in zurika cropton photo 
The children below are from the school at Cropton. The date is probably the 1920’s. Names would be appreciated.
cropton school early 19th century photo
(Photo – Courtesy David Hodgson)

The photo below is of one three chapels built in Cropton. The one in the photo is of the Cropton Wesleyan Chapel and it was built in the late 1800’s. One interesting fact about this building is that during the coronation celebrations of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 the village people hired a black & white television to watch the ceremony. All the villagers gathered inside the chapel to watch Princess Elizabeth get married.
The house to the right of this photo is Hawthorne Cottage. It used to be the site of the village butcher. Apparently it was also the site of a village public house and the previous owners changed the name of this house to the original pub name – Black Swan Cottage. It has since reverted to the original Hawthorne Cottage.
wesleyan chapel cropton
(Photo – Courtesy David Hodgson)