Cropton Charity Tractor Run 2009

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The Tractor Run came through Cropton on Sunday 28th June 2009. The Tractors met at Hen Flatts Farm before visiting Cropton village. This year the Tractors paraded down the main street, went round the Chestnut tree and back up the village before making their way over the moors to Goathland.
Raising money for charity is the main purpose and around £1000 was raised for Pickering & Kirkbymoorside surgeries.
Local farmer Ken Hall on the Blue Tractor.
ken hall tractor run

You won’t miss seeing this tractor. Very bright indeed!
tractor run through cropton village
red tractor on vintage run through cropton
Many just enjoyed the ride!
smoking tractor on vintage run through cropton
It was very hectic on the low street of Cropton.
tractors at cropton low street
 low street cropton tractor charity run

This year Charlie Grayson had the luxury of a cab. It was very useful because it rained heavily later in the day.
charlie grayson vintage tractor run cropton
It was very busy as the Tractors were going both ways up the main street.
Thanks to everyone that took part. These Tractor Runs are a great viewing spectacle and of course raise a lot of money for good causes.
 tractors at cropton main street vintage tractor run