Charity Vintage Tractor Rally Photos 1

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Here we have Ken Hornby leading the way through Cropton village. Ken is the main organizer of the Charity Tractor Runs and on this run they were raising money for the local Marie Curie Charity. The run took place on Sunday 29th June 2008 and there were just over 50 vintage tractors. The tractors met at Hen Flatts Farm, Cropton and went on a circular tour over the North Yorkshire Moors. Lunch was at the Blakey Pub.
ken hornby charity tractor run cropton
Charlie Grayson is on the blue tractor.
charlie grayson charity tractor run cropton

Local Cropton farmer, Ken Hall (blue tractor), is a regular on these tractor runs.
Ken Hall Cropton Tractor Run 
 This was the latter end of the tractors. Alan Sawdon is on the red massey ferguson tractor.
Orange Tractor Cropton Charity Run
Just as the tractors came through the village another car rally of mini cars was coming along the back lane at Cropton. For once there was a traffic jam in the village.
minis car rally at cropton
The tractors headed towards Rosedale down the steep Cropton Bank. The minis just had to wait until the tractors got through.
mini traffic jam

Mr.& Mrs. John Meadows brought the grey fergy with a trailer. They are waving to the onlooking spectators.
waving tractor cropton charity run 
 The last one on this tractor run was Percy the Gnome.
gnome on a tractor