Old Cropton Photos 8

The photo below is a fascinating photo from the Stephenson family. The background of the photo indicates it may have been taken in one of the local limestone quarries. We really have no idea who these men are! Any information would be gratefully received. Contact Us
working men of cropton
(Photo – Courtesy Stephenson family)
The photo below is the planting of the ‘Coronation Tree’ at the bottom of Dams Pond Hill. This area is at the northern end of Cropton village. The year is possibly 1935.
planting the coronation tree at dams hill pond cropton

Mrs.Stephenson wrote on the back of this postcard/photo.
“Have you seen one of these? See who you can spot. There is Dad’s back next to Jack Bailey with pipe. L.Aconley, F.Harland, F.Houlston, F.Ward. I think its Mr.Foxton holding the flag. Billy is near Dot. She has a beret on. Mrs.Hebden has white wings on her hat. Dolly Peirson has a finger in her mouth. Joyce Frank just behind then Mr.Breakspeare. Bob Berriman looks vicious.
It is the planting of the coronation tree bottom part of Dams Hill. The chestnut tree reared by Madge Gray (from the spreading chestnut tree on the green) is growing above the pond, very slow though”.
postcard about planting of tree at cropton
(Photos – Courtesy Stephenson family)