Cropton Photos 1

This is a photo of the wide main street at Cropton.

There is never too much of a problem with parking as there is plenty of room to park at both sides of the street. It must have one of the widest village streets in the country. I believe it was orginally used as common grazing land and shared by the owners of the houses on each side of the street.

Photo of Cropton High Street near Pickering - One of the widest village streets in North Yorkshire

The Cropton village hall was refurbished in 2004 and it was opened by Lord Crathorne in the summer of 2005. It used to be a chapel in the late 1890’s. The building was added to and eventually it became the local Cropton village hall. The recent refurbishment has been a success and the local villagers now enjoy a modern venue for various activities.

Photo of Cropton village hall

Cropton Village Hall - Pencil drawing by Richard Peacock

This is a pencil drawing (above) of the Cropton Village Hall by local artist Richard Peacock. The village hall used to be known as the Reading Room. It is a good record of how the hall used to look before the recent refurbishment. Spot the difference!

Richard has recently painted the Cropton Montage. It hangs in the village hall but you can take a look right here.

This Horse Chestnut tree is over a hundred years old. It had a birthday celebration back in 1998. It has recently had some tree surgery, so it is now expected to last a lot longer. This tree is the best known landmark in Cropton village as most people pass the tree on their way in or out of Cropton. The seat in front of the tree is a memorial for one of four men, from Cropton, that lost their lives in the Second World War.

Photo of Chestnut Tree in Cropton village

Below is St.Gregory’s Church, Cropton. There does not seem to be accurate records of when this church was built but it probably dates back to 1700’s

Nearby there was a Norman motte and bailey castle and it commanded magnificent views over the whole area. You can walk to where the Cropton Castle was located and enjoy the views over Rosedale valley.

cropton church photo