Cropton Photos  2

new inn cropton photo

Above is a photo of the New Inn, Cropton. The pub also has a brewery and you can go on a tour of the brewery and try a sample of the locally produced ales.

Brewing has taken place in Cropton since 1613. It was illegal, of course, and some of the brewers were sent to jail in York. But the brewing continued and some of the women that helped with the brewing became known as ‘Ale Wives’. A bad brew was cursed by the locals so the ‘Ale Wives’ had to be very particular.

In 1984 the brewing in Cropton became very serious. A local brew called ‘Two Pints’ was produced in the cellars of the New Inn pub. It became so popular that it was sold to outside outlets. In 1994 it was decided to build a proper brewery and expand the business. Other beers were added and now it is an international business with beer from Cropton going to America and even the Falkland Islands. Watch out for the ales in the big supermarkets.

Bluebell walk cropton in fuelscott wood

There are some lovely walks around Cropton. More details to come about walks! The photo above is a path that leads through the Fuelscott wood. In early May you will be rewarded by a mass of Bluebells carpeting the area. There are lots of Primroses too!

Deer and sheep photo at cropton north yorkshire

Sometimes you can spot the local wildlife in Cropton. Deer roam the woods around Cropton, but the Deer in the photo above used to come and eat with the sheep in a local field at High Lane, Cropton.