The Cropton Montage

Painted by Richard Peacock

We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Cropton Montage. Local artist, Richard Peacock has produced this painting of various local scenes and sights of Cropton village life. The ‘Real’ Montage hangs proudly in the Cropton village hall.
You can see the detail much better on the original but for your enjoyment a couple of digitally ‘enhanced’ versions are available right here @ Go Cropton.
Is there a Cropton Camel? Hmmm, not sure about that one! Read the Legend of DICKLEMAS, the Cropton Camel and make your own mind up.

 the cropton montage painting by richard peacock
montage painting in cropton village hall 

 painting in cropton village hall montage of people in the area
Richard is currently producing a vista of the Cropton village houses. Hopefully we will be able to feature it on this website.