Cropton Christmas Photos 2008

All the congregation of the Cropton Church carol service got a lovely christmas treat when they were met by ‘Gorbachev the Donkey’. He was suitably attired, with tinsel, by his owners, John and Julie Richardson.
Due to bad weather Gorbachev was unable to greet the Ryedale Lions and Santa this year, so we were delighted when he turned up for the St.Gregory’s Church carol service.
donkey at cropton church christmas 2008

We would have loved to have seen Gorbachev inside the church because there was an atmospheric candlelit atmosphere. He did agree to pose outside the church doors! Many thanks to John and Julie for bringing him.
gorbachev outside cropton church
This year the village hall committee bought a new Christmas Tree to decorate the main hall. It was used for a number of functions, including the Peacock Christmas quiz and the W.I. Ladies December party.

christmas tree cropton village hall
We had a little snow at Cropton in the early weeks of December 2008. This view is of the lower end of the village.
cropton village winter scene