Vintage Cars & Motorcycle Rally at Cropton in August 2009

The Gathering of Vintage Cars & Motorcycles was an excellent day and I am sure that all whom attended really enjoyed themselves. The weather was very kind and allowed ‘Al Fresco’ dining at the back of the village hall.
The Cars and Motorcycles started arriving from 11 a.m. onwards. Most of the vehicles had met in the Stokesley area before coming down to Cropton.
motor bikers arriving at cropton vintage rally 2009
There was quite a show of Motorcycles on the Tarmac. All the bikes were immaculately presented and helpful owners were on hand for a chat.
cropton rally motorbikes in 2009
No offence to anyone else but this old Green Ford truck really caught my eye. I could imagine enjoying driving down Route 66 in this brilliant vehicle.
green truck at cropton vintage car rally 2009

The message was loud and clear. “Y’all have a nice day now”. And we did!
green truck at cropton rally have a nice day
Lunchtime turned into a “Street Party”. A lot of tables were pushed together and it worked a treat. It made a really good atmosphere.
street party at cropton vintage car rally
Of course, viewing the cars is always a treat. Lots of photos were taken and probably a lot of reminiscing about the old days.
cars on show at cropton vintage car and motorcycle rally
A nice touch, that added to the day, was the presence of the Stape Original Band. It is good to just sit back and enjoy a few well know tunes whilst basking in the sunshine. As always, thank you to them.
stape band playing at cropton vintage car rally 2009
Many thanks to everyone that attended this gathering. It is becoming a real highlight of the village calendar. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

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