Old Cropton Photos 10

Here we feature some Shire horse photos.
 Before the ‘mechanization’ of farming with tractors and other equipment horses were used extensively for agricultural purposes – and for clearing snow! The ‘Cropton Snow Plough’ photo was taken near the village Chestnut tree. It is estimated, by looking at the size of the Chestnut tree, that the photo was probably taken back in the 1930’s.

Snow Plough in Cropton village pulled by five horses

Fred Botham, from Cropton, had a small holding in Cropton village, but also worked seasonally on outlying farms. He is harrowing a field with three Shire horses. The tabular hills in the background suggest the field is probably at Beck House Farm.

Fred Botham from Cropton harrowing a field with three horses

Fred Botham took two Shires to Rosedale Show in 1926. He won second prize in the “Best pair of Agricultural Horses” class.

Fred Botham from Cropton with two horses at Rosedale Show 1926

Fred Botham with a Shire horse foal at Rosedale Show in 1926

Rosedale Show photo in 1926 - Fred Botham from Cropton showing a shire horse foal

Fred Botham with a dapple grey Shire horse.

Fred Botham of Cropton with a dappled grey shire horse