Cropton Christmas Photos – 2007

 santa at cropton for christmas collection for ryedale lions
Cropton village was very pleased to see Santa and his helper on Tuesday 11th December 2007. The Ryedale Lions Club go around numerous villages in the Ryedale area and collect a substantial amount of money for local charities. Santa comes along to greet everyone in his brightly lit sled. He is a very welcome visitor to Cropton.
This year Santa was specially greeted by ‘Gorbachev’. This little Donkey is a well know sight in the village of Cropton. His owner, Julie Richardson, frequently takes him out on walks and he is well loved by the locals. If you see him say hello, as he loves to meet people.
gorbachev the donkey with owner julie richardson at cropton
julie richardson with gorbachev ryedale lions charity at cropton

Before Santa came there was a very important event in the village. The decorating of the village Christmas tree. Here we have Dick Feaster and Richard Peacock discussing the tree light ‘strategy’.
richard peacock and dick feaster putting up cropton christmas tree
‘Spot the fairy’!!!
cropton christmas tree richard peacock
A job well done! Many thanks to Dick, Richard and R.E.Aconley (Chief Photographer) for helping to brighten up the village with the tree decoration. Also many thanks to John & Julie Richardson for the donation of the Christmas Tree.

richard peacock and dick feaster photo cropton