Cropton Photos 4

cropton village well house
This photo is of the old Well House at Cropton. The well was 300 feet deep. Around 1920 it was decided to cap the well because it had no further use. Two buckets were used to draw the water up the well and they used the handles in the photo to do it. A local man, Mr. Reg Wright, reassembled parts of the well house in 1988. Some of the old parts were laid in the grass around the well for 68 years.
The old seat in the front of the well house was presented to the village of Cropton as the ‘best kept village in the North York Moors’ in 1965 by the Dalesmen magazine.
Since this photo was taken the seat has been removed and a new seat has been installed.

Even the cattle have good views in Cropton! This photo was taken on a walk to the north of Cropton village. You can stay nearby at Sycamore Farm Log Cabins. The woodland in the photo is Cropton forest. Sometimes they have a car rally there and that brings a massive increase in traffic to the village.

gc bullock at cropton view of north yorkshire moors

At two o’ clock, from the head of the cow, is where the Spiers House camping ground is located. The Spiers is an excellent place for a caravan or tent holiday in Cropton. The luxurious Cropton Lodges are located here too! There are lots of waymarked walks and trails around the Cropton forest for you to enjoy.
Staying at the Spiers House campsite or the lodges offers you an ideal base for exploring the beautiful scenery of the North York Moors National Park. There are plenty of opportunities to do outdoor activities such as pony-trekking, walking trails, cycling and forest drives.