Valerie Barnaby – Cropton artist

Welcome to the Studio at Rosedale Lodge, Cropton.

A fascinating place to visit in Cropton is the artist studio that belongs to Mrs. Valerie Barnaby. You will probably see paintings of the local scenery and unusually they are painted with a knife and not a brush. The only time Mrs. Barnaby uses a brush is when she signs her name on a painting.
Mrs. Barnaby was taught the technique of painting with a knife by a local artist and apparently it is a much quicker process than brush painting. Paintings have been sold to buyers from as far afield as Canada and America. When she paints she likes to paint first hand so that the atmosphere of a place can be enjoyed. Cropton, Hartoft, Dalby Forest and Goathland are amongst the local settings for her paintings.
This lady is elderly but her energies are truly astonishing. Apart from paintings she produces embroidery, pastelling, goldwork, ceramics and beadwork. Samples of these works are for sale in her studio, which is located in the middle of Cropton village (Opposite the village hall).
Mrs. Barnaby was a major contributor to the recent local village hall refurbishment. The proceeds from a lot of her work were donated to the village hall appeal and it ran into thousands of pounds. Recently she has been donating to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance appeal.
If you visit Cropton it is well worth spending a little time perusing the fantastic work of Mrs. Barnaby. It is an hidden gem and no visit to Cropton is complete if you do not pay a visit to the studio.

The fundraising by this studio goes to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The Air Ambulance is a much needed resource in rural Yorkshire and all visitors, including you, may need it. If you decide to buy an item then you are helping to fund the operating costs of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.


The picture below is called the “Gateway to the Moors”. In 2006 it was featured on the television programme “Dales Diary”. Luke Casey came to visit Mrs. Barnaby at this studio and he was very enthralled with her work. Mrs. Barnaby has sold over 2,000 paintings during her lifetime. The quality and speed of her work is remarkable.

val barnaby cropton artist painting gateway to the moors

Children love these intricate small bracelets. The beads, on the right, are made from clay. Each set is hand made and the end result is something totally unique to you.

 val barnaby cropton childrens bracelets        valerie barnaby artist cropton beadwork

 The decorative plate below is painted with oils.

 val barnaby oil plate ornament cropton near pickering

Why not choose one of the beautiful hand painted ceramic ornaments!

 valerie barnaby cropton artist pottery

The Beaded Amulet Purses in the centre make a lovely gift. These Amulets are all hand made by

Mrs. Barnaby. The Bracelets and Necklaces are always popular.

 val barnaby studio cropton beadwork amulets

This embroidered picture is hand stitched with a variety of methods. The technique is Pure Silk Embroidery on padding. Bullion Knots and French Knots are used together with Fly Stitch. The end result is a wonderful bright garden design.

 val barnaby cropton studio embroidery

Enjoy the detail of these tapestry bags. The method is ‘Crewel Work’. The end result is fantastic!

valerie barnaby artist at cropton near pickering crewel work bag         crewel work bag by artist valerie barnaby cropton

Mrs.Barnaby specializes in moorland scenes. This picture is of Glaisdale.

 Glaisdale painting by artist Valerie Barnaby from the studio cropton

Here we have some embroidery work in progress.

 val barnaby cropton work in progress

Watch out for this sign when you visit Cropton. The Studio is directly opposite the Village Hall. Walk down the path to the Studio.

 visit valerie barnaby at the studio cropton near pickering

Commissions are accepted for Paintings, Embroideries and Jewellery.


You are very welcome to meet the artist and view her work in the studio. An added bonus is that from the artist’s garden you can enjoy a beautiful view over the North Yorkshire Moors. If time permits Mrs. Barnaby will be pleased to show you the view.


Opening Times:
The Studio is always open when the artist is at home. If you are making a special visit then it is always advisable to telephone first.

(01751) 417306.

Support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
Valerie Barnaby – The Studio, Rosedale Lodge, Cropton, North Yorkshire.